Instruction for HP, Canon & Epson Printer installation

A printer is an essential device that is used for financial as well as personal purpose in every sector. From schools to offices, everywhere is surrounded by a printer because it completes the needs of daily prints. Owning a printer is essential for users and for a newbie; it is a bit tough to install the printer properly. A tiny mistake in installation could create a major problem for you. It may make you unable to get right quality prints, paper stuck issue or make the device unable to get commands.  The right way to resolve this as well as other issues of a printer is getting in touch with the experts at Printer Support Number UK. They will give you a right resolution of each issue in a while. Here, in this blog, you will get instruction to install HP Printer, Canon Printer and Epson Printer. Let’s see the instruction below.

Install HP Printer

  • First, you have you research your printer over the internet and get some information about what issues occur during the installation.
  • Make sure that you have the right driver. For this, you can take help from the CD. In case, you have not CD then you should download that form internet.
  • Install driver via USB Mode, then click Next.
  • Driver Installation will ask for your permission where you have to click Yes.
  • Use an existing port for the printer, if you have installed the printer. If not then create the new port.

Note: in case, you are unable to create that, then you should contact HP Printer Help Number. The experts will guide you about that.

  • After creating the port or selecting that, you have to click Printer a test page to make sure that printer is properly installed, after that click Finish.

Canon Printer installation instruction

  • Make sure that you have driver CD so that you can insert that let the installation run. In case, you haven’t CD, then don’t worry, you can search over the internet by your printer series and model number.
  • No, you have to do aforementioned steps. Install driver via USB mode and allow installing the driver.
  • Create new port in case; the printer is not installed before. If help needed to create a new port, then talk to specialists at Canon Printer Support Number. They will guide the proper steps of installation.

Epson Printer installation instruction

Nothing special you have to, follow the same process. You have to be sure that you are having driver CD or driver. In case, when you are unable to download the driver for your printer from the web, then you must contact Epson Printer Customer Care Number. Here, the technicians are 24 x 7 available to help you fix the issue in a while. They will give you easy to follow assistance to settle this as well as another issue too like printer runs sluggishly, low-quality prints and more.

Reason for File Attachment Issue in Hotmail Account

Is it troubling for you to attach a file in your Hotmail account? Or attachments are not opening. In this situation, everyone considers that network is the only culprit for the issue, but in reality, there are so many other reasons, working behind this issue. So many users have expressed their experience that when they discover the same issue, then they kept the change the settings of internet connection, but it is not enough for them to fix this issue. If you are one of those who have tried the same, but an issue has not resolved yet, then you should head towards some points that can create this problem.

Some important factors causing file attachment issue

A browser of your computer: Browser is an essential part through that we run the internet. Sometimes it happens that we are having a proper internet connection, but attachments are still not uploading. We can take of Yahoo which can only be run on the web browser when your browser is unable to do so, then you should ensure that your web browser is updated one. In case, the browser does not work normally, then you should clear the history and cache of the browser to fix the trouble. If nothings resolve, then try uninstalling and reinstalling this.

The format of files: Some formats of files are not allowed in Hotmail account due to security reasons. Files format like .bin, .bat, .exe, and more are the common example for this to express that you can’t upload this type of files. Make sure whenever, when you are attaching files, then you have already changed the file format. Try to attach simple documents files so that you will remove the trouble.

Attaching large files: Sometimes, users are attaching a large number of files that troubles them because a large number of files create the problem. In this situation, you have to create a zip folder for files and then attach that. It will stop the issue coming during files attachments.

There could a situation occur that you might be unable to resolve the issue even after trying the aforementioned steps. If it happens, then you should contact the specialists at Hotmail Helpline Number UK and get assistance from them. They will assist you with some troubleshooting steps to counter the issue within a couple of minutes. Don’t hesitate to contact them anytime, as they are around the block available to help you fix the issues.

How Can I Settle HP Printer Common Issues?

Using a printer device is always on a high priority as it completes many tasks such documentation and other office related works. Nowadays, HP is the brand that is highly in demand by people for printers because it offers quality printer at affordable rates. Its printers are found everywhere such as office, home, school, institute and many places. Doubting on its performance does not give anything, but due to some technical problems, its users find its printers worse choice, yet it is not so. Users think like this because they find many complications in completing their tasks. However, its issues can be resolved easily by getting support for HP Printers. Yet, getting the support is not easy as so many spams are available in the industry, but a place is original which is opened for 24 hours to help you and that is HP Printer Support Number UK There are many issues that users reveal, but error prompt is the one giving so many troubles to the users. Quite reasons are behind the issue that you must know.

  • Improper driver – A driver is the main thing that runs the printer properly and the wrong driver can create so many problems where the error is the common part of this. When you get error prompts, then you must know that you should go for driver check, re-install the driver. It might fix the problem and let you complete the work.
  • Compatibility issue – Users are sometimes facing error prompts due to compatibility issue. It commonly occurs when you are installing the printer and the reason for this could be an incomplete download of operating system or printer. Make sure that you having a proper or complete download of driver or windows.
  • Firewall issues – Often so, it happens that printer gets error prompts or you see that from the end of the computer. It could relate to computer firewall which is not accepting the printer and let this work. It is the issue which cannot be resolved by the user’s end, that’s why contacting the technicians HP Printer Customer Care Number is essential for you. No matter, what kind of printer you are using, technicians can give you easiest assistance in settling the issue. They work round the clock just to provide you instant resolution so that you can instantly get command on your work again.

How can I fix login issue of Gmail account?

Everything is dependent on communication because it is essential to do daily tasks. There are many ways to complete the needs of communications and email is the best, chosen by every sector from residential to commercial. Whether it is an official piece of information or personal, email services is now highly utilised for this. Here, Gmail becomes the reliable email client having millions of account of people in the entire world. However, some users are facing difficulties in using the account and login issue is the most seen trouble. It might be the simple issue, but until you don’t resolve this, it does not let you do the activities important to you.  The very first step that you should take to fix the issue is contacting the technical experts at Gmail Support Number UK. It is the finest way for you to fix any Gmail issue and that too in a short time. You may also follow below-listed steps to fix the issue.

  • Go to the login page and enter your email address and password
  • In case, you see an error like incorrect login address or password, then you have to select Forgot Password
  • Complete the verification by entering your details such as recovery email address, phone number and other details which Gmail asks for.

In case, you are still having troubles, then you need to Google Account and select your reason there. It can make you able to resolve the issue, but it can take time of 24 – 48 hours. In case, you are not able to understand the steps, then you must talk to the specialists at Gmail Helpline Number UK. Here, you will be directed to the experts who have inherited their knowledge by serving thousands of people and experienced in this field. Through phone support, they will give you easy to follow assistance to counter the troubles.

How to Make Hotmail Account More Secure?

Expressing the need of email account is hard, as it has been vital for us for many reasons. So many types of information, we get through email and for an official purpose; without an email account, it becomes tough for users to complete their tasks. When it is about email service, then Hotmail is the one which is oldest among the all email service. It gives secure login process and features that help users in maintaining their daily tasks. Sometimes, users get an urgent piece of work, so that they log in their account in other’s devices which means, it can be misused easily. If you have made your account more secure, then you should not be worried about this. It could be tough for you to do so; therefore you need help that you can easily get by contacting the specialists of Hotmail Support Number UK. They will give you the right resolution for each issue in a while. Here, you can also follow below-mentioned way.

  • Click on Account Settings
  • Now select Set-up two-step verification
  • Click Next

These are the common steps that you need to follow to make your more secure. It will send you a verification code on your mobile number that you have to enter, whenever you login into the new device.

If you need to make it more secure, then you should get connected to the technical experts of Hotmail Helpline Number UK. They give you the right solution to each concern within a while. They have years’ of experience in this arena as well as good at fixing any concern that comes in the utilisation of Hotmail account. It is just a matter of minutes for them to settle the issues and that too they give you step-by-step assistance.

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