Reason for File Attachment Issue in Hotmail Account

Is it troubling for you to attach a file in your Hotmail account? Or attachments are not opening. In this situation, everyone considers that network is the only culprit for the issue, but in reality, there are so many other reasons, working behind this issue. So many users have expressed their experience that when they discover the same issue, then they kept the change the settings of internet connection, but it is not enough for them to fix this issue. If you are one of those who have tried the same, but an issue has not resolved yet, then you should head towards some points that can create this problem.

Some important factors causing file attachment issue

A browser of your computer: Browser is an essential part through that we run the internet. Sometimes it happens that we are having a proper internet connection, but attachments are still not uploading. We can take of Yahoo which can only be run on the web browser when your browser is unable to do so, then you should ensure that your web browser is updated one. In case, the browser does not work normally, then you should clear the history and cache of the browser to fix the trouble. If nothings resolve, then try uninstalling and reinstalling this.

The format of files: Some formats of files are not allowed in Hotmail account due to security reasons. Files format like .bin, .bat, .exe, and more are the common example for this to express that you can’t upload this type of files. Make sure whenever, when you are attaching files, then you have already changed the file format. Try to attach simple documents files so that you will remove the trouble.

Attaching large files: Sometimes, users are attaching a large number of files that troubles them because a large number of files create the problem. In this situation, you have to create a zip folder for files and then attach that. It will stop the issue coming during files attachments.

There could a situation occur that you might be unable to resolve the issue even after trying the aforementioned steps. If it happens, then you should contact the specialists at Hotmail Helpline Number UK and get assistance from them. They will assist you with some troubleshooting steps to counter the issue within a couple of minutes. Don’t hesitate to contact them anytime, as they are around the block available to help you fix the issues.

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